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Curious about how we buy houses fast in Riverside?  We’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to send us a message or give us a call anytime! (888) 284-9001


How does process work?

Q: How does the process to sell my house work?
A: After you fill out the form to your right, one of our real estate specialists will contact you within 24 hours. We’ll research the details of your house and gather some information. After discussing those details with you, we want to view your property and give you a quick offer. We will accommodate your busy lifestyle.


What do you mean when you say that you will buy my house AS-IS?

Q: What do you mean when you say you will buy my house AS-IS?
A: If your house is in foreclosure, condemned, unmaintained, damaged, has liens or any health department violations, or if you owe more than you can pay, we can buy it!


How do I get paid, and when?

Q: How do I get paid, and when?
A: Upon closing, you will be paid through a cashier’s check or through the direct wiring of funds to your account. We work with a national group of investors who make capital funds available to us so we can act quickly.


Can my lawyer review your contract?

Q: Can my lawyer review your contract?
A: Of course! Both you and your lawyer can review our contract at any time! We work with many attorneys in the real estate industry and we welcome their review and input.


Are you still able to help me if I’m behind on my payments, bankrupt, or in foreclosure?

Q: Are you still able to help if I am behind on my payments, bankrupt, or in foreclosure?
A: Absolutely. If you are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, we can help you! Our foreclosure division, Protective Home Solutions, can help relieve the stress that banks and payments bring. Simply visit for more information.


How fast can you buy my house?

Q: How fast can you buy my house?
A: We can almost always close within 30 days. We will work with you to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Many times, we can close in as little as 7-10 days.


What if I inherited the property from a relative who is no longer alive?

Q: Do you purchase probate properties?
A: We purchase probate properties often. We will work with the title company and the county to establish that proper heirship has been determined, and the needed documents are in order upon closing.


Do you make fair offers?

Q:  Do you make fair offers?

A:  Many of the houses we purchase are below market value. We do this so we can resell it at a profit to another homeowner. We are looking to get a fair discount on a property. However, in our experience, many sellers aren’t necessarily expecting a large “windfall” on the property but rather appreciate that we can offer cash. We close very quickly, with no waiting for financing. No time or effort or expense is required on your part of fix up the property or pay agent fees. If you see value in a quick sale, or if you need quick cash, let’s see if we can come to a fair win-win price. Besides, our no-obligation pricing commitment means that you do not have to move forward with the offer we give. But it’s good to know what we’re offering!


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